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Vacations are important for anyone. With vacations you can travel to far along places and enjoy some amazing time alone or with the people you love. You can become someone else for a short span of time. You can enjoy the beauty the world has to offer you. With the beauty you can also enjoy peace and happiness with your loved ones.

People often categorize themselves as being a mountain lover or sea. If you’re a sea lover, there are a few amazing beaches in the world that you can visit for your vacation. These are the best beach vacations in the world.

BALI, INDONESIA: Located in the heart of Asia, Bali is famous for its blue beaches and serene sunsets. Indonesia can give you the real flavor of the eastern culture as you enjoy the summer sun in the beach and the perfect tan for your body. The blue beaches are adorned with palm trees and coconut trees, giving you the perfect amount of greenery that you may require in a beach.

CORFU, GREECE: Greece is known as a posh place for a vacation. But the Corfu island is hidden in the Ionian Island in Greece where you can stay in hotels for as little as a $100 a night. The clear blue waters make the perfect destination for you, along with rich history of the Greece.

PATONG, THAILAND: Thailand is famous for its cheap beaches and for its amazing food. Thailand is also known for its amazing water and outdoor activities. Visit Patong in Thailand and enjoy the amazing Thai cuisine and the beautiful crystal-clear waters of Thailand.

MOOREA, FRENCH POLYNESIA: This island is not known to a lot of people. It is hidden in the country of French Polynesia and gives you a vacation of your dreams. It has amazing dark blue clear waters and you can stay in the beaches inside small luxurious cottages. There are a number of activities you can do here, but you’d hardly ever want to leave the view.

ALGARVE, PORTUGAL: Algarve is an island in Portugal that has amazing rock formations and great many beaches for your recreation. It is located in the Faro district, located a few hours from Sevilla, Algarve presents you with one of the most mysterious and amazing beaches in the whole world.

MALDIVES: Maldives is famous for its amazing beaches. You can enjoy the experience of seeing both the Arabian Sea and the Indian Ocean from Maldives. It is one of the most amazing beach vacation places in Central Asia.

BORA BORA: Bora Bora is one of the best beach vacation places in the whole world. It is located in the society island of the French Polynesia and is an island filled with ecstatic views and amazing seafood. It might cost you quite a bit to visit this island, but it is one of the most scenic islands in the entire world. The money will be well-spent.


These are few of the best vacation beaches in the entire world but it is up to you, your choice and you budget that will make the final call.


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